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Reviewing Reviews with D.J. Demers and Mike Perkins

Oct 7, 2019

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This week, D.J. and Mike review the Yelp reviews of Crunch Fitness in West Hollywood, CA.

Here are the reviews so you can follow along. (Except the ones that Yelp has not 'currently recommended'. You gotta scroll down to the bottom of the Yelp page and click on your own for those!)

Emmanuel C - "Front desk is so amazing I cry every time I see those girls"

Dan D. - "This place looks like a gay disco from the 80's."

Anayat F. - "I could get jacked too.  But i'd have to give up Oreos." 

Alex A. - "Dead skin cells and mountain of hair in the locker room."

A A - "Always some twat talking loud in the cardio room"

Terry M - " I am not a Kid, that is, until I shirt off"