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Reviewing Reviews with D.J. Demers and Mike Perkins

Oct 14, 2019

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This week, D.J. and Mike review the Yelp reviews of the world-renowned LAX Airport in Los Angeles, CA.

Here are the reviews so you can follow along. (Except the reviews that Yelp has not 'currently recommended'. You gotta scroll down to the bottom of the Yelp page and click on your own for those!)

Harry E - "the cocsuxkers that work here are too fucking slow"

Joanna S - "I never felt so disrespected in my life"

Tianne R. - "this is my Yelp review while ON xanax."

Candice G. - "but then a MAN asked me to change all my plans"

Kassy M. - "IT WAS METHOD MAN!!!"

Elysse P. - "our airport DOES NOT reflect our amazing city"

Danny M - "I don't mind TSA seeing the digital version of my penis"